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Welcome to Despy.com!


My name is Daniella Solis Rousseau and, with much love, I founded Despy in 2011.


Very early on in life, I realized that fashion was important to me. Since I was a little girl, and to this day, I live for the feeling of having a look come together and walking out of my house feeling confident and ready to take on the day!


My personal style has always been a bit eclectic. I am attracted to people and styles of clothing that are unique and edgy, creative and original. What I love about fashion is that there is no right or wrong! Fashion is about emotion and expressing YOU.


This brought me to my love of vintage fashion. Vintage clothing is the perfect way to express yourself in a unique way. When you purchase vintage clothing, you are guaranteed to have a piece of clothing with history and originality. There is nothing better than pairing a unique vintage piece with contemporary items and ending up with a polished original look.


We are now at a time when vintage fashion is everywhere from street-style superstars to celebrities to fashion runways. Fashion’s greatest moments are being recycled, revamped and revered. We are simultaneously seeing everything from revival of the 1920s to the boho-chic movement to a 90s grunge comeback. It’s a beautiful time for self-expression in fashion; as long as you are telling your story and being authentic, anything goes!


As the founder of Despy.com I am delighted to be able to share my love of vintage fashion and bring beautiful, unique vintage pieces into your closets and hearts.


I truly hope that through Despy, you are able to find a vintage treasure that speaks to you!


Happy vintage shopping!

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