Hi! My name is Daniella Solis Rousseau. I am originally from Mexico and now live in Miami with my husband Romain, 3 year-old daughter Lucie, and Malti-poo Valentino. With much love, I founded Despy in 2011. What started off as a vintage e-boutique has now evolved into a style and lifestyle blog.

What I love about fashion is that there is no right or wrong! I believe that as long as you are telling your story and being authentic, anything goes. My personal style has always been a bit eclectic. I am attracted to styles of clothing that are unique and edgy, creative and unexpected. Fashion is about emotion and expressing YOU.

Having grown up on modest means and an avid love for fashion, I developed a knack for bargain shopping without compromising my style. This is something that has stuck with me through the years and is now part of who I am. I don’t believe that looking good requires spending a fortune.

With this blog, I hope to give you a peek into my style, my life as a new mom and to demonstrate that stylish living can be achieved on a budget!

Thank you for following me on my adventure!


Much love,

Signature Despy

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