Beauty by Numbers


There seems to a new trend in the beauty and apparel industry these days and that is; getting geeky with it. Seemingly encouraged by the increase in the online shopping surge, more and more companies are trying to make it easier on the online consumer and providing added bonuses and reassurance to shopping online. Consider,; an online bra shopping site that assists the shopper in finding the perfect bra with the best possible fit using a consumer quiz and complex mathematical algorithm. Based on the findings, they send 5 bras to the customer to try and have a great success rate averaging a perfect fit of at least 3. Not bad for online bra shopping huh?

Another up and coming online beauty geek is This beauty products site’s founders also married their love (and need) of beauty products and mad mathematical skills to develop an easy and convenient shopping experience for their customer.  On this site, you are able to upload your actual picture and their nifty program reads your skin tone, eye color, lip color etc and then provides you with a customized list of products perfect for you. Who knew math and shopping could make such a great match?!


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