Thrifty Confessions


I’m fiiiinally am able to post after a week of my computer being down! I’m pretty sure it’s on its way to computer heaven and will need replacing soon. Ugh.

So last month when my Mom and Stepdad were in town, he offered me this nice rayon button-up of his that no longer fit him (he’s lost a bunch of weight). Being the thrifty person that I am, my eyes lit up and I was all over the free goods! I was thinking layerrrrs! I took it and rolled up the sleeves, sewed in a few stitches to make the sleeves stay up and my new favorite layering shirt was born! When repurposing oversized shirts like this, I recommend rolling up the sleeves to make it look more tailored and less “I’m playing dress-up in daddy’s closet.”

Light, flowy oversized shirts like these are great for adding a bit of edge to an outfit. I styled it here with mismatched prints and thought it tied the whole look together well!

Great item to look out for at the thrift store! Or even easier, in your man’s, dad’s, or brother’s closets!

PS The shoes I am wearing are a DREAM and I just found them on for only $99!! These babies go with EVERYTHING, have a very low heel and the comfiest woven leather design that make them my ultimate fashionable and comfortable shoe. Get on it, if you like them! I’m sure they wont last!

Top: Maria Lombardi | Skirt: Zara | Button-up: O’Neill | Sunglasses: Valentino | Shoes: Pour La Victore <– on SALE!


Natural Mama


A great and unexpected reward of becoming a mother has been my peaked awareness about my body and health. I couldn’t help but see my body in a new light after having birthed my daughter. I mean, a miraculous little human being was made from two cells inside of me!  My body’s journey from conception to pregnancy to birth to breastfeeding really and truly filled me with amazement at what we as women are naturally equipped to do (and endure!)  for our babies. With this newfound amazement and respect for my body, I started making some changes to take better care of my health and my family’s. I started paying more attention to not only what we were putting inside our bodies, but also on them. I soon realized that a lot of our body lotions, bath products, deodorants and even make-up were heavily loaded with many toxins that were being absorbed by our bodies. I began choosing more naturally derived products and became a label reader looking out for some the main culprits like parabens and phthalates.

I wanted to share one of the coolest all-natural local artisan products that I have used. The name of the company is Me and a Tree. I first came across and purchased their soy hand poured candles a couple years ago at a local art fair and really liked it. The smell is awesome and since it’s made of soy, you can use it on the body, as well, and it is completely nontoxic when you burn it. More recently, I was pleased to see that they have expanded and have many more products including; face care, bath and body care, artisan soaps and essential oils and sprays! My poor Lucie is a mosquito magnet so I was psyched to see that they had a natural bug repellant and even a specific essential oil roll-on to treat bites! It works amazingly. All of their products are truly all-natural, organic, chemical-free, vegan, cruelty-free, AND eco-friendly. They really didn’t miss anything! I love love the artisan soaps which can even be used as shampoo! Perfect for kids.

Hope this was useful for my fellow natural ladies out there!

What are some of your favorite all-natural brands?

How has Motherhood changed your perspective on your health and body?


Some of my most loved items are below. Find them and more at :

Artisan Soap                                                                   Natural Bug Repellant                         

deadseamudws bugoff_cbec7365-e303-47bb-bd00-5d827ef4bf3a_1024x1024

Tea Tree Itch Stick Roller



Natural Body Lotion



Natural Sunscreen Biodegradable



Scores of the week


Hi! Hope everyone has had a great week. I’ve been nursing my 2 year-old’s cold for the past few days so it has been a bit of a long week for me! Lots of stuffy noses, coughing, sleepless nights and wresting matches to get some measly drops of medicine into my little one. I am definitely looking forward to a healthy and relaxing weekend!

So my family was here visiting last week and, as per usual, my mom and I went for a stroll on Lincoln Road Mall. We stopped by at H&M- I hadn’t been there in ages! And I’m happy we did because, right away, I spotted this fine knit long-sleeved dress. These basic dresses are always winners for me. You can style them in so many ways and they are the easiest thing to go to in the closet when you’re in a rush and have no time to put a whole look together. You can throw this on with some cute heels and leave the house feeling polished and chic. The long sleeves together with the almost sheer fabric and asymmetrical hem give the dress a little something out of the ordinary. AND it was only $29.95! Score number 1.

Score number 2 came along just yesterday during a run to Target. I passed by the clothing section and saw this super cute red plaid dress by Mossimo. I thought of all the Fall layering possibilities and was sold! Especially with a $24.99 price tag; that can’t be beat! Its made of a super soft and flowy fabric. I really like the edge it adds to my H&M dress!

Until next time!



PS I had to add a shot of my braided top knot. I’m usually super non-creative with my hairstyles so I was proud of my work! Lol. I just made two small french braids on top, braided the pony and wrapped it into a bun. Pretty easy!


Black Dress: H&M | Plaid Dress: Target | Shoes: Red by Saks | Jacket: Doma

H&M fine knit dress IMG_7913 IMG_7923 IMG_7940 IMG_7945 IMG_7960


Vintage Vibes


Happy Monday! Hope the week is starting off right for everyone. I’m feeling the typical Monday morning sluggishness. We’ve had a pretty busy last couple of weeks with lots of visitors in town, which we love, but the action is catching up with me! My brother, Donovan Solis, was in town this past weekend from Atlanta. He is a producer for CNN en Espanol, and is extremely talented behind the lens, so you know I had to ask him to take a few shots for the blog! We started off by the bay behind my house then went to Wynwood for the monthly Art Walk. The whole colorful artsy vibe of this ‘hood inspired me to dust off this vintage dress that I hadn’t worn since before my pregnancy! I adore the print and fit of this dress. It has a great wide belt made of the same material as the dress, which gives a great natural looking sexy shape. Being that I have a boxier build this is a huge plus for me! The bold print speaks for itself so I went simple with the accessories just adding my favorite vintage hat and some fabulous Ferragamo heels.

How was everyone’s weekend?

How do you accessorize your favorite vintage dress?

Photo cred: Donovan Solis

Dress: Vintage (similar here) | Hat: Vintage | Shoes: Salvatore Ferragamo | Handbag: Valentino



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Beachy-Keen Labor Day


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Happy Friday! I know it’s a bit late, but wanted to share this little impromptu shoot from Labor Day. My family was in town for the long weekend so we braved the Miami September heat (it’a been intense!) and went to the beach. My mom always comes bearing gifts (and I love you for it, Mama!) and she didn’t disappoint me with this 6 Shoreroad bikini top! I find that most of my favorite swimwear is white because who doesn’t think of flowey angelic white when they think of the beach? I also love the contrast between tanned summer skin and bright white. My favorite part about this bikini top is that it can also be worn as a strapless to avoid those tank-top clashing tan lines! The built-in cups are everything for a small-chested girl like myself! You can shop it here!

Wishing everyone a safe and enjoyable weekend!



PS Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram (@d_e_s_p_y) and bloglovin’ !


Bikini top: 6 Shoreroad | Sarong: from Kenya (similar here from an organization helping women in Ghana!) | Sandals: Sam Edelman (sold out- similar here) | Sunglasses: Valentino (similar here)

labor day labor day labor day

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Who You Gonna Call?


If you know about shopping in France, you know that they RARELY have sales. Their government actually monitors this and only allows for sales to happen twice a year. Being that I never pay full price for anything, I usually come home pretty empty handed [tear face]. So you can imagine my excitement when we were there in June and I found out that the semi-yearly sales were going on! Since they only have the sales twice per year, they mean business with their discounts and the malls and shopping centers are flooded with people looking to land a bargain. One of my first stops was Zara and I left with some bomb finds; this Zara jumpsuit being one of them. I call it my Ghostbusters look! It’s made of a super thin and comfy gauze cotton which made it perfect for summer. But what’s amazing about this and many jumpsuits is their versatility. I wore it with minimal jewelry and threw on a head scarf for summer, but it will look equally chic in fall with a long sweater and wide rim hat. This army green color is still so on trend and seasonally versatile, love love it.

Best believe our next European summer vacation will be during the summer sales again!

Hope everyone is enjoying their last few hours of the Labor Day weekend!



Jumpsuit: Zara (sold out; similar one here) | Shoes: Stuart Weitzman | Scarf: vintage | Hat: Bebe

Zara jumperZara jumperZara jumperZara jumperZara jumper

Hello again!


Hello again! I missed you. It’s been quite a while since I last posted and a lot has happened. Most importantly, I am now almost three years into motherhood! My little girl Lucie is my light and has taken over my entire world for the past couple of years. I love her to death and this mom thing has been sooo much cooler and harder than I ever could have imagined. I GET IT now when I hear of moms saying they feel they lose themselves and their identities the first couple years of motherhood. It is all consuming physically, emotionally, psychologically, financially etc… It is also completely true that no matter how large the sacrifices and how bumpy the ride, the rewards and joys of bringing life into this world are beyond compare. It really is an unimaginably intoxicating type of love. Mother Nature knows what she does because Lord knows I needed some type of intoxication to get me through those first few sleepless, crying, clueless, colicky months!

Even though I feel beyond blessed that I have had the opportunity to be a stay-at-home-mom for the past couple of years, I miss having another identity; another sense of purpose; a creative outlet. Since fashion has always and will always be a part of me, I decided to give this blogging thing another go!

Hopefully this blog can become not only a creative outlet to talk about my favorite things- style, fashion, culture, but also a means to provide another realistic perspective of a modern day mom trying to keep it all together in this dynamic, pressure-filled yet beautiful-when-we-take-a-moment-to-look world we live in.

I look forward to connecting with all you stylish ladies and Mamas out there!



THEN: Lucie at 2 days old – December 15, 2012, Mt Sinai Hospital

IMG_0304Lucie at 2 days old



NOW: First family photo session taken by the awesome Chocolate Milk Photographers. Highly recommend them for a fun, candid shoot in Miami. They are an amazing duo of photographers who have tons of experience photographing the most photo challenging clients —> kids and pets! Click on their name to check out their website.

CMH_2479 CMH_2481 CMH_2572 CMH_2646


By this time, most of us have put away our cutoffs and sandals and welcomed back our lovely coats for another season of cooler temperatures. This has reminded me, not only of how vital coats are to our day to day style, but of the timelessness of vintage coats.

Consider the celeb coats pictured below, all from this season. All have vintage silhouettes and styles yet they look absolutely posh and modern. This is what makes vintage coats classic, timeless, AND – a terrific investment!

Coats are the “face” of our outfit, being that they are the first and, many times, the only thing that most people see when we walk out the door. I mean, we wear them day in and day out, they can last several years, and -most importantly- they add such sophistication to any outfit! We invest so much time, money and effort to look good, and clearly, we should be investing much of that effort on loving our outerwear, right?!

So get in on the action and check out these gorgeous vintage coats to add some vintage fab to your winter style!

Celebrities Visit "Late Show With David Letterman" - January 16, 2013coat.vintage7coat.kimkcoat.vintage3

coat.nocilercoat.vintage6coat.jloParis Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2013 - Louis Vuitton Men - Outsidecoats.palermocoat.vintage5coats.celebs


Trendspotting in Paris

Despy Paris

I recently returned from a few (very hot and sweaty!) days in Paris. Being that this is one of the fashion capital’s of the world, one of my favorite things to do in Paris is style stalk. Below are a few of the major footwear trends I saw on the streets. The common denominator is comfort. As a mom of an 8 month-old, you wont hear complaints about that here!


1) Converse All-Stars

Talk about All-Stars central. These bad-boys are everywhere in Paris on people of all ages, shapes, and sizes; in every color, print, and style. I would go as far as to say that they seem to be the single most popular daytime shoe of the summer.

all-stars pic 1

photo cred:

all-stars paris

photo cred:


photo cred:


2) Birkenstocks 

The resurrection of the Birkenstock is in full effect. I, for one, have not yet given in to this trend, but I am not immune to the pull of peer pressure! Below is the style I saw most of, by far (thong version).


photo cred:


 photo cred:


3) Espadrilles

This shoe has a lot of history originating in the 14th century (talk about vintage!) in Pyrennean Occitania and Catalonia. Fashion-wise they have come and gone and are amidst yet another come-back. MAJOR Spring and Summer shoe in France, especially coastal cities.

espadrilles+alpargatas+blonde salad blog+streetstyle+fashion+moda+trends+tendencias

espadrilles+street style+alpargatas+moda+fashion+trends+tendencias

 photo cred:

Are you on-board with all these trends?  Will Birkenstocks be making their way back onto your footsies? 




Retro top styled here with mini-skirt and platforms.

Click below for more pics and info on this Despy top!

IMG_4741 IMG_4755

Ethereal Vintage Skirt


This gorgeous vintage skirt just posted on the site!
IMG_5760 IMG_5738 IMG_5613



It’s not surprise, being the avid vintage/consignment/thrifter that I am,  that people frequently ask me “What are Miami’s best vintage and consignment stores?” So I figured I would spread the love and the word and give you all the low-down. I hope to eventually make this into a series of articles if to help you find the best vintage stores in a variety of different cities. I will, of course, start with Despy’s home city: Miami.

Miami has a great variety of vintage,  consignment and thrift stores and they all have a little something different to offer. This is a breakdown list of the my personal favorites and strengths of each one:




The Consignment Bar

5580 NE 4th Ct Ste 4A
Miami, FL
(305) 751-9996 -


This consignment store is hands-down my favorite when it comes to designer handbags. You can go into this chic boutique consignment shop and find anything from top designer dresses, shoes and handbags, but their strength is definitely their excellent selection of handbags and accessories. I have purchased my last several designer handbags from this store and haven’t been let down. Since top designers are what they carry (LV, Gucci, Prada, Chanel, Jimmy Choo, Dior etc), you should plan on spending a lil dough here, but you won’t be disappointed as all the handbags are in great shape and all guaranteed to be authentic.


Consign of the Times

1635 Jefferson Ave
Miami Beach, FL 33139
(305) 535-0811 -


This consignment boutique is a great little shop off of Lincoln Road in Miami Beach. This shop is small and quaint, but full of goodies. They have a great selection of designer handbags, clothing and shoes and extra bonus of male clothing and accessories as well. This is a great place if you are looking for top designer items at a discounted prices.


Second Time Around (STA)

1630 Jefferson Ave.
Miami Beach, FL 33139
(305) 674-0144 -


This consignment boutique is best known for its stint on a reality show on BRAVO. The original store where the show was filmed is in NYC and they recently opened this Miami location off of Lincoln Rd (across the street from its rival Consign of the Times). The store is pretty quaint and small, but has a decent selection of designer duds. I find that in comparison to the other consignment shops, this one has a bit more variety for those of us shopping on a budget.




Fly Boutique

7235 Biscayne Blvd.
Miami Beach, FL 33139
(305) 332-4156 -


A long time favorite, this boutique never disappoints. This is one of the largest and most known vintage boutiques in Miami and as such has a large variety of items from accessories, to handbags, to shoes, dresses, vintage sweaters and hats and on and on! Although they also do consignment, this store is more for the vintage buff looking for beautiful pieces to add to their vintage collection. Due to the wider variety of items in the store, the prices are more varied, as well.



13702 Biscayne Boulevard
North Miami Beach, FL 33181
(305) 945-7770 -


Another veteran in the Miami vintage scene, this is THE vintage store to visit in Miami. Known for the biggest selection of its one-of-a-kind designer pieces this store is like a vintage fashion museum! Located in North Miami, this is one store not to miss on your Miami vintage shopping tour.


Lincoln Road Antique Market

Lincoln Road Mall
Miami Beach, FL 33139 


I couldn’t go without mentioning the great Lincoln Rd Mall Antique and Collectibles Market in Miami Beach. This is an outdoor market that takes place every other Sunday during Miami’s “high season” starting in December and ending in early May. This is a street market full of private vendors selling anything from collectible antique furniture to vintage furs and vintage designer handbags. Much like a flea market, you will find a little but of everything here, but that’s part of the fun! This is an excellent market to visit while in Miami and looking to score vintage finds.




Goodwill Industries

2121 NW 21st St.
Miami, FL
(305) 325-9114  -

Now for my fellow thrifters out there looking for the ultimate bargain, this is one of the top thrift stores in Miami. Although there are many Goodwill stores, this particular one is a Flagship store packed with a little bit of everything. Nothing beats finding amazing vintage finds for the best prices out there, but with that said, thrifting requires work and much patience since these treasures may be few and far between. The key is to go with time and patience in tow!


Red, White, and Blue Thrift Store

12640 SW NE 6th Ave.
Hialeah, FL 33161
(305) 893-1104 -

This is every Miami thrifter and vintage buff’s best kept secret (you’re welcome). Located in a strip mall in Hialeah (surrounded by several other thrift stores), this is the largest, craziest thrift store in the city and a must in Miami thirfting. Here you will find everything from vintage leather handbags to sweaters, fur jackets, dresses, mens, childrens, you name it. This store is not for the faint of heart. Prepare yourself for a crowd complete with crying children, and bumper to bumper shopping cart traffic! I have found my best vintage finds here.

And, as always, if you prefer to shop beautiful vintage fashions at the best prices from the comfort of your home and leave the digging to a pro: SHOP DESPY.COM!! ;)



I had the pleasure of going to a Custo Barcelona Fashion show a few days ago. The show was part of Miami’s Funkshion Fashion Week and this show was put on by Vanidades Magazine. The night was very short and sweet, but I was left very impressed with the Custo Spring/Summer collection as I knew I would. I absolutely adore the combination of colors, patterns, and textures that has always attracted me to this designer. This collection definitely had all of that and then some while at the same time being very wearable and not overly whimsical. No doubt, current trends have caught up with Custo Barcelona’s characteristic bright colors and mix-match of patterns making this collection a sure hit for Spring/Summer!


Here are some behind-the-scenes, sneek peeks and out-takes from the shoot we did a few days ago. We shot on location in Coral Gables, Florida. I had a terrific team and am so appreciative because everything went very smoothly with everyone’s help! We are editing the pictures which will be featured as the next Despy Lookbook and website banner pictures. Thanks a milli to:

Models: Izabel Sophia and Anna Moreno
Hair: Miriam Meza
Makeup: Anais Habbar
Photographer: Krystle Fleischmann

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Falling for Vintage Cardigans


Just posted this super comfy cute vintage cardigan and wanted to post some street style pictures I’ve come across of great ways to wear this classic. As you can see, the options are endless! From layering it over sundresses, skirts and blouses, even layered over other sweater and the list goes on! Has me itching for the cool Fall breezes ahead!

Pictures sources:,, pinterest

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