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Checkers + Lighting

So I was digging around in my closet while looking for a Halloween costume the other day and rediscovered these super cute patterned pants. The poor things had been swallowed by my closet and forgotten about. I hadn’t worn them since before my pregnancy! I love the quirky checkered design and decided to pair it with my A.L.C. lighting tee for a little pattern on pattern action. The main trick with creating pattern on pattern looks is to match color schemes. Since my paints were mainly a black and white pattern, I thought this black and white patterned top would tie in well. I had planned on wearing one of my all time favorite vintage jackets, but it was so incredibly hot that I just added it at the end for some pictures. This vintage jacket is so beyond beautiful with its ribbon embroidery and fur collar. If only this Miami sun would simmer down and indulge our need to layer again!


Top: A.L.C. | Pants: Super Low Fat | Jacket: Vintage | Shoes: Saks | Hat: Vintage | Sunglasses: Balenciaga & Lanvin


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