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Scores of the week

Hope everyone has had a great week. I’ve been nursing my 2 year-old’s cold for the past few days so it has been a bit of a long week for me. Lots of stuffy noses, coughing, sleepless nights and wresting matches to get some measly drops of medicine into my little one. I am definitely looking forward to a healthy and relaxing weekend!

So my family was here visiting last week and, as per usual, my mom and I went for a stroll on Lincoln Road Mall. We stopped by at H&M- I hadn’t been there in ages! And I’m happy we did because, right away, I spotted this long-sleeved knit dress. These basic dresses are always winners for me. You can style them in so many ways and they are the easiest thing to go to in the closet when you’re in a rush and have no time to put a whole look together. You can throw this on with some cute heels and leave the house feeling polished and chic. The long sleeves together with the almost sheer fabric and asymmetrical hem give the dress a little something out of the ordinary. AND it was only $29.95! Score number 1.

Score number 2 came along just yesterday during a run to Target. I passed by the clothing section and saw this super cute red plaid dress by Mossimo. I thought of all the Fall layering possibilities and was sold! Especially with a $24.99 price tag; that can’t be beat! Its made of a super soft and flowy fabric. I really like the edge it adds to my H&M dress!

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PS I had to add a shot of my braided top knot. I’m usually super non-creative with my hairstyles so I was proud of my work! Lol. I just made two small french braids on top, braided the pony and wrapped it into a bun. Pretty easy!


Black Dress: H&M | Plaid Dress: Target | Shoes: Red by Saks | Jacket: Doma

H&M fine knit dress IMG_7913 IMG_7923 IMG_7940 IMG_7945 IMG_7960


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