Beauty by Numbers



There seems to a new trend in the beauty and apparel industry these days and that is; getting geeky with it. Seemingly encouraged by the increase in the online shopping surge, more and more companies are trying to make it easier on the online consumer and providing added bonuses and reassurance to shopping online. Consider,; an online bra shopping site that assists the shopper in finding the perfect bra with the best possible fit using a consumer quiz and complex mathematical algorithm. Based on the findings, they send 5 bras to the customer to try and have a great success rate averaging a perfect fit of at least 3. Not bad for online bra shopping huh?

Another up and coming online beauty geek is This beauty products site’s founders also married their love (and need) of beauty products and mad mathematical skills to develop an easy and convenient shopping experience for their customer.  On this site, you are able to upload your actual picture and their nifty program reads your skin tone, eye color, lip color etc and then provides you with a customized list of products perfect for you. Who knew math and shopping could make such a great match?!


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Fashion News Wrap-Up



  • These are great Earth-friendly tips in commemoration of Earth Day from Start small, but let’s start somewhere!
  • Coachella is underway and always brings out the quirkiest in street style. Check out  some looks here. Vintage looks galore!
  • I don’t know about you, but I’ve started listening to all the talk about our toxic-laden beauty products and leaning towards going all-natural. Here is a list of some all-natural beauty products that don’t compromise on quality.
  • Looks like wedge sneakers are here to stay (at least for a while). See some stylish best-sellers here.
  • Great gift idea for upcoming Mother’s Day for the mamas-to-be in our lives- non-toxic pregnancy-safe nail polish
  • Nice slideshow of some beauty moments from past and present celebs that continue to inspire.
  • Levi’s is reviving their 1920′s and 1930′s style for their vintage-inspired Winter collection.
  • Top ten list of most “Beauty-Obsessed” cities. Surprised?
  • Huffinton Post’s celebrity pics and tidbits of the week.

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Fashion News Wrap-Up



  • Lanvin seems to know a thing or two about accessories (ya think). Here is a great detailed slideshow of the beyond gorgeous statement pieces from the latest show in Paris. I want one (any one) so bad it hurts.
  • Renowned interior decorator Jonathan Adler is set to launch a handbag line! These new high-end handbags will be available in April at Jonathan Adler Boutiques Neiman Marcus and ShopBop online. Looking forward to seeing the designs!
  • I love it! The newest nail trend to hit stores. The caviar mani! Soon to be featured on my nails. I also must try this moon/french mani (pictured above). Here is a how-to video.
  • There is no medicine like a good laugh. Here are some 2012 news bloopers for your enjoyment.
  • This week’s best dressed according to I love Jessica Stam’s new dark hair!
  • Despy is all about recycling clothing and ethical shopping. Here is an article on why it should matter to you too! And check out these new ethical shopping brands.
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  • High School Prom dresses now must meet some very specific guidelines! It just takes a few to ruin it for everyone!
  • Did you know about this National Cleavage Day? I guess you can never run out of things to celebrate! Learn more about it here.

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Travel Faves


Whether you’re Spring Breaking, visiting family for Easter or planning a summer get-away, traveling season is among us! Although most of us agree that traveling is one of the top reasons that we bust our tushes working all year, it can also be a major stressor. Consider: organizing travel plans, schedules, lodging, pet-sitters, nannies, work logistics, budgets etc. With that being said, I want to share some of my beauty travel faves in hopes of making it just a wee bit easier on you jet-setters!

1)  The secret to making life easier when traveling is finding items that have multiple functions and meet multiple needs in one shot. I can’t go without my Clarins Multi Active Face Lotion because it hydrates and protects (SPF 15) for those long sightseeing walks.

2) Another favorite is my Clarins Everlasting Compact Foundation. This stuff goes on super smooth and lasts longer than most. Also love the SPF 15!

3) To top off my travel skin regimen is my Guerlain Bronzer. I have tried many a bronzer but this Guerlain Terracota Bronzing Powder is my favorite. It gives me a perfectly natural shade of tan without drying out my skin.

4) I received this Chanel Illusion D’ombre eyeshadow for my birthday and fell in love! Perfect for travel because of its versatility. It is a long lasting eyeshadow with just enough sparkle to keep it classy AND it comes with a small angle brush so you can apply it as eyeliner also.

It also comes in these (and more) lovely colors.

5) A lip palette is great for travel. I usually take this Inglot palette with me for my on-the-go lipstick options. (My Medex Blistex Lip Balm is also a travel must to protect my lips from that super dry airplane air.)

6) Another lifesaver are these lovely foldable leopard ballerina Sidekicks. I live in my heels and the airport is no exception. These are a must back-up for the unexpected shoe emergency, blisters, plane ride, or just for a nice rest from the heels. And they actually look good! Get them here for only $14!

7) Last but not least, my vintage Coach satchel is my favorite travel purse because of its (again) versatile design. I can wear it during the day as an easy over the shoulder purse and it also doubles as an evening clutch thanks to the removable strap!

What are your travel beauty must-haves??

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