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Fashion News Wrap-Up



  • These are great Earth-friendly tips in commemoration of Earth Day from Recessionista.com. Start small, but let’s start somewhere!
  • Coachella is underway and always brings out the quirkiest in street style. Check out  some looks here. Vintage looks galore!
  • I don’t know about you, but I’ve started listening to all the talk about our toxic-laden beauty products and leaning towards going all-natural. Here is a list of some all-natural beauty products that don’t compromise on quality.
  • Looks like wedge sneakers are here to stay (at least for a while). See some stylish best-sellers here.
  • Great gift idea for upcoming Mother’s Day for the mamas-to-be in our lives- non-toxic pregnancy-safe nail polish
  • Nice slideshow of some beauty moments from past and present celebs that continue to inspire.
  • Levi’s is reviving their 1920′s and 1930′s style for their vintage-inspired Winter collection.
  • Top ten list of most “Beauty-Obsessed” cities. Surprised?
  • Huffinton Post’s celebrity pics and tidbits of the week.

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Fashion News Wrap-Up



  • Some new pics of Marilyn Monroe have been discovered and will be auctioned for sale. Just in case you have a few hundred thousand to blow.
  • Here are the top 9 viral Youtube videos of the week. Always entertaining.
  • Rihanna gets boo-ed for her exhibitionist style. Do you think her bear-it-all, sans bra style is over the top?
  • Here are some major Fall accessories trends. I’m super into the statement necklaces, headbands and hats.
  • Check out H&M‘s new Spring 2012 ad campaign. I’m not super impressed; it all seems pretty safe without much of a novelty factor. What do you think?
    - fashionologie.com
  • Paris fashion week was followed by (a not as buzzed about) Toronto Fashion Week. Here are some fun looks and trends spotted in Toronto’s colorful FW.
  • The Olson twins’ The Row will be pairing up with Superga for the release of their premier sneaker collection. They will be a luxurious $250 sneaker made of cashmere, no less.
  • Zara will be opening a retail record setting flagship store on 5th Ave in Manhattan (formerly the home of the NBA store).
  • This is a cute quirky celebrity baby names guide.
  • Looking to change up your ‘do for Spring? I am! Here are some new Spring hair trends and ideas.

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Louboutin Appearance in Miami


Mr Christian Louboutin himself had quite the soiree last night at the Saks Fifth Avenue in Miami’s Bal Harbour Shops. The event was a celebration and shoe signing of his new “Capsule Collection” made especially for his 20 year anniversary in the biz. I loved how they incorporated a Miami touch to the event with complimentary Mojitos, Cuban sandwiches, Ceviche bites and live Latin music.  We got a sneak peek at the ‘Capsule Collection’ (available to all in March) which included signature shoes as well as handbags – in the shape of an actual capsule. It goes without saying that they were all stunning. My favorite shoes were the ones pictures below with the invisible straps and little dainty bows. It is his ingenuity that makes this man a fashion genius!

Dress: Rachel Pally | Top: Nanette Lepore |Hat: Vintage | Shoes: Sam Edelman | Purse: Hobo


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As you can imagine, PLENTY went into making Madonna’s ultra-intricate half-time show costumes. The headpiece is ridiculoso (as in amazing)! Riccardo Tisci of Givenchy designed her costumes and seems to be quite the go-to designer for on-stage costumes, also designing Kanye West’s outfits for his latest ‘Watch the Throne’ collabo tour. Here is a closer look at Madonna’s costumes.

Sources: vogue.co.uk & vmagazine.com





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I enjoyed my lazy Sunday evening watching the SAG Awards Red Carpet show last night. As usual, there were some beautiful gowns, accessories, hair, make-up, shoes, clutches etc. It made me want to dress up and go to a Black-Tie Event like NOW. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt closed off the show (fashionably late) and my curiosity was peeked by Angelina’s jewelry (as well as her beyond gorgeous everything else). She commented that she has always loved vintage jewelry, which inspired her to wear her House of Lavande vintage earrings and bracelet. I went online to check them out and it turns out the company originated in Palm Beach, FL. They search worldwide and curate vintage jewelry from the 1920’s and beyond. They have magnificent vintage jewelry. It’s a great place to go for inspiration (for those of us who can’t quite afford $2,000 vintage Lanvin necklaces and such). The magic about vintage is that there is such romanticism about it. Knowing that you are wearing something with a special history, something one-of-a-kind, and irreplaceable dramatically increases its appeal and value. And that, my friends, is why vintage will always be in style!

Gown: Jenny Packham | Jewely: vintage from House of Lavande


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Rent the Runway


If you’re like me, you’ve fantasized about having a friend your exact size and shape, with killer style and a closet full of beautiful designer dresses up for the taking. Well, fantasize no more! This may be a concept most of us have heard about… think Jennifer Hudson in Sex and the City 2 renting her designer handbags in lieu of dishing out thousands from her personal assistant wage… now translate that into designer dresses… And that is our new stylish best friend Rent the Runway. The website has hundreds of designer dresses to choose from for a special occasion, vacation, or event. It all seems simple enough: You choose your dress; they ship 2 sizes of the dress to your home within 2 days; you can keep it 4-8 days and then return it in prepaid packaging. The price range is from $50- $500+. And did I mention that they rent bridesmaid dresses?! I mean really, who has worn their bridesmaid dresses twice? If only I’d known this last year…

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Final shout-out to 2011 Street Style


For my last post of 2011, I wanted to share my favorite “best of 2011″ article. It is from HarpersBazaar.com and it is a countdown of the 50 best street style moments from all over the world by photographer Mr. Newton. Besides being entertaining, unique, and inspiring, these shots are a good sum-up of this year’s top trends with some of my favorite being; color blocking, cropped trousers, funky patterns, and embellished tops, shoes, and everything in between! This year has been one of my best and most memorable and I wish that and more for everyone’s 2012 and beyond! Salud!



Bazaar’s intrepid street style photographer, Mr. Newton, spent the last year skipping from New York to Paris, following the fashion flock to Coachella and beyond to capture the most inspiring fashions on the street. Here, he remembers his favorite photos of the year, plus reveals 5 never-before-seen looks.

By Mr. Newton

Read more: Street Style 2011 – Best 2011 Street Style – Harper’s BAZAAR




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Yay for ‘Ye


I went to the Jay-Z/ Kanye West “Watch the Throne” concert last week and found myself curious about what and who Kanye was wearing. Along with most other people I know, Kanye West gets on my nerves with his self-centered. self- important self, but what other rapper has a website named after them called : dresslikekanyewest.com ? Never ceasing to surprise, Kanye wore leather pants and a leather kilt throughout the concert changing his over sized t-shirts a couple of times (designed specifically for the tour by Riccardo Tisci of Givenchy). Being someone that thinks fashion isn’t just about following trends and trying to look like your favorite celebrity, I like that he went out on a limb and did something unexpected that felt right to him. Isn’t that what fashion is all about?! Especially coming from the macho-dominated rap scene, I say ‘yay’ to ‘Ye for his kilt-wearing fashion fearlessness!


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