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Fashion News Wrap-Up


  • These are great Earth-friendly tips in commemoration of Earth Day from Start small, but let’s start somewhere!
  • Coachella is underway and always brings out the quirkiest in street style. Check out  some looks here. Vintage looks galore!
  • I don’t know about you, but I’ve started listening to all the talk about our toxic-laden beauty products and leaning towards going all-natural. Here is a list of some all-natural beauty products that don’t compromise on quality.
  • Looks like wedge sneakers are here to stay (at least for a while). See some stylish best-sellers here.
  • Great gift idea for upcoming Mother’s Day for the mamas-to-be in our lives- non-toxic pregnancy-safe nail polish
  • Nice slideshow of some beauty moments from past and present celebs that continue to inspire.
  • Levi’s is reviving their 1920′s and 1930′s style for their vintage-inspired Winter collection.
  • Top ten list of most “Beauty-Obsessed” cities. Surprised?
  • Huffinton Post’s celebrity pics and tidbits of the week.

Fashion News Wrap-Up


  • Some new pics of Marilyn Monroe have been discovered and will be auctioned for sale. Just in case you have a few hundred thousand to blow.
  • Here are the top 9 viral Youtube videos of the week. Always entertaining.
  • Rihanna gets boo-ed for her exhibitionist style. Do you think her bear-it-all, sans bra style is over the top?
  • Here are some major Fall accessories trends. I’m super into the statement necklaces, headbands and hats.
  • Check out H&M‘s new Spring 2012 ad campaign. I’m not super impressed; it all seems pretty safe without much of a novelty factor. What do you think?
  • Paris fashion week was followed by (a not as buzzed about) Toronto Fashion Week. Here are some fun looks and trends spotted in Toronto’s colorful FW.
  • The Olson twins’ The Row will be pairing up with Superga for the release of their premier sneaker collection. They will be a luxurious $250 sneaker made of cashmere, no less.
  • Zara will be opening a retail record setting flagship store on 5th Ave in Manhattan (formerly the home of the NBA store).
  • This is a cute quirky celebrity baby names guide.
  • Looking to change up your ‘do for Spring? I am! Here are some new Spring hair trends and ideas.

Fashion News Wrap-up

  • As seen on Chanel‘s Paris Fashion Week runway show, could embellished brows be the new fake lashes?
  • This is a great slideshow of all the beauty trends from the 2012/2013 fashion shows.
  • Alexander Wang is being sued for allegedly having a sweatshop in Chinatown.
  • Some people get away with murder, but this lady arrested for painting her nails on a plane!
  • Thursday was International Women’s Day. In commemoration, Here is a fierce fashion video inspired by a woman’s strength and how to use it!
  • Spring is a hop and a skip away. With eclectic nail color and designs being hot as ever on the fashion scene, check out these fun new nail Spring colors and click here for a list of hot Spring trends under $50.
  • In case you haven’t seen it, one of the most talked about moments of this week in fashion was Marc Jacobs silly women’s outfit he wore to a post-Parish Fashion Week party.
  • Soon to be mine: I’m loving these DVF cell phone cases in honor of International Woman’s Day (and the others). And they’re under $30!
  • Paris Fashion Week came to a close. Here is a slideshow of best and worst moments from PFW.
  • Tom Ford to start selling $3000 eye-glasses! Recession who?
  •  They didn’t stop at the bejeweled eyebrows! Chanel’s PFW runway show set-up was no joke, as usual. Check out the crazy scenery here.