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Peek at latest Despy Shoot


Here are some behind-the-scenes, sneek peeks and out-takes from the shoot we did a few days ago. We shot on location in Coral Gables, Florida. I had a terrific team and am so appreciative because everything went very smoothly with everyone’s help! We are editing the pictures which will be featured as the next Despy Lookbook and website banner pictures. Thanks a milli to:

Models: Izabel Sophia and Anna Moreno
Hair: Miriam Meza
Makeup: Anais Habbar
Photographer: Krystle Fleischmann

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Falling for Vintage Cardigans


Just posted this super comfy cute vintage cardigan and wanted to post some street style pictures I’ve come across of great ways to wear this classic. As you can see, the options are endless! From layering it over sundresses, skirts and blouses, even layered over other sweater and the list goes on! Has me itching for the cool Fall breezes ahead!

Pictures sources:,, pinterest

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Going into any kind of discount store can be a daunting and intimidating task; large thrift stores and vintage shops included. Being a seasoned discount and vintage shopper, I am happy to share of my tricks of the trade. Here, I will focus on specific items in thrift and vintage stores to keep a look-out for as they are usually the best “finds” and value-wise you’ll get the most bang for your buck.


Vintage Tops

When in thrift stores that are overstuffed with all kinds of goodies (and not-so-goodies), good tops can be one of the toughest things to find. They are usually wedged in between a whole lotta garbage.

One tip is to feel through all of the tops. Use your sense of touch! You may not be able to see all the items, and instead may be able to feel that vintage silk blouse or soft vintage angora tank sweater crammed in between all that polyester (not that I’m against all polyester!).


Vintage Dresses

Another definite vintage goody are vintage dresses! There are always amazing vintage silk dresses up for the grab in thrift stores. One thing to look out for are STAINS! Sometimes in these poorly lit shops you wont notice a small grease stain until you arrive at your home and its, too late (no refunds at these store)! I have found some great dresses that I’ve purchased even with stains, only to find out that my cleaner can’t remove these age-old stains most of the time :( .

Another important tip when looking and purchasing vintage dresses is to try them on before purchasing them. Vintage molds and cuts are quite different from modern day molds so it is important to try on before purchasing. I frequent some mega thrift stores that do not have fitting rooms so I go in my leggings and tight shirt uniform and try on in front of whatever mirror I can find!



Vintage Shoes


Although these are pretty tough to find, finding adorable vintage pumps and shoes always gives me an extra thrill. They are tougher to find, because vintage shoes in good condition that are good quality are just fewer and farther between. On top of that, you have to hope and pray the pair you find will fit your foot. It’s not a hopeless task though. There are plenty of beautiful italian leather pumps out there for the taking. Just have patience and return often for a looksy around.


Vintage Purses

Vintage purses are an easier find to keep an eye out for.The best ones to look out for are beaded evening handbags or leather clutches since these are usually in better condition being that they are more gently used.

Vintage purses are a perfect items to add a little pop and vintage feel to an otherwise contemporary look.



Other Accessories


When I’m having a thrifting off-day (not finding any vintage apparel), I go for an accessory search. Thrift stores are a great place to score furs. I have purchased at least 4 different amazing vintage fur coats all well below $30 each. My most recent fave fur find was this gorgeous classic mink stole that I am dying to wear in the upcoming Autum/Winter months. I also wear my fox fur collar religiously with just about any sweater and coat in the cool months.

Not into fur? Other great vintage store accessories you’re sure to find: silk scarves, wool coats, and HATS! I’m in the middle of a hat obsession at the moment so I am always on the lookout for hats and have found so many amazing HIGH QUALITY vintage wool and beach hats recently. New, good quality hats nowadays are costing a pretty penny so put your thrifting skills to work!


Also Remember

AND of course last, but not least, my BIGGEST TIP when it comes to vintage and thrift shopping is SHOP DESPY!

Let me do the dirty work for you. Just sit back, kick your feet up and visit the website often for guaranteed great vintage finds at amazing prices. :) )


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Despy in French Press!


I am delighted to announce that Despy was featured in France’s is a French printed and online magazine comparable to the States’ Seventeen magazine. Despy has yet to celebrate its second month anniversary and we are already international! Look out world!! Click here for the full feature. Merci beaucoup Be !!!




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Tips for Successful Bargain Shopping


My name is Daniella and I am a bargain shop-a-holic. The feeling I get when I purchase a beautiful piece at a fraction of its original cost is my drug! Bargain shopping can be challenging and intimidating, but the rewards can be great! Being a vet in the bargain shopping game, I thought I would share some tips that I’ve learned along the way.

(Image cred:

1)            It’s all about WHERE you shop

This is an obvious, but very important point. If you shop at Saks and Neimen Marcus, expect to pay full (or close) for you purchase.

The places I find to have the best markdowns are TJ Maxx (quite possibly my fave) and Loehmann’s. Other great stores are the outlet versions of the top department stores like Off 5th- Saks Outlet, Neimen Marcus Last Call, Nordstrom Rack (the best for SHOES), and the newer Bloomingdale’s Outlet.

An important word on TJ Maxx (and other such discount stores); explore several stores in your area as they are not all created equal! I have a couple favorites that tend to carry better products and higher-end brands.  For example, the best TJ Maxx stores are in South Beach (5th and Alton Rd) and North Miami Beach (3809 NE 163rd St)

2)  Give it Time

Bargain shopping can be frustrating when you are looking for a specific item. Give it time. If you are looking for a great pair of jeans and you don’t find them the first time, don’t settle for something mediocre, return once weekly for the next few weeks until you find a purchase you feel great about. Discount stores are getting new items daily, if you keep at it, you are sure to find what you want.  Remember quality always comes first and persistence is key!


     3)  Beat the Crowd

I find that shopping before the weekend is when I find the best items. Most people shop Friday, Saturday and Sunday. My favorite shopping day is Thursday. By this time, the store has been filled with goodies throughout week and you are beating the weekenders to the good stuff!



4)  Accessorize

If your closet is in need of revamping, but your wallet doesn’t agree, update your accessories! Accessories can be a cheaper alternative to updating your look. A nice belt and a few chunky necklaces can take you a long way!



5)  Shop Despy!

*Leave the bargain shopping to the experts, while still reaping the rewards by shopping Despy !

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NYE in Despy Vintage


Bringing in the New Year in Despy! My mom is looking radiant in this NYE picture. She is wearing her newly purchased Vintage sequin top from Despy. Click here or the pic below for the same top in blue still in stock and only $35! I am wearing a high waisted vintage skirt with sequin detail on the waist. By tucking in a tube top of the same color, I dressed up the skirt by giving it the appearance that it’s a strapless dress. Happy New Year!

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Quick Look: Latest Despy Shoot


Here are a few shots of the latest Despy on-location shoot. The shoot took place in Wynwood; Miami’s newest art district. This place is a playground for photographers with all the murals, graffiti and random sculptures all in the middle of a less than aesthetic Miami neighborhood. Makes for an interesting contrast! A million thank-you’s to the Photographer Donovan Solis, Model Izabel Sophia, and Make-up artist Anais Habbar ! Also a shout-out to f.b.c.reations for the beautiful accessories! Check out the websites for info on these talented peoples! For more photos of the shoot, check out our FB page !

Top: Hearts turtleneck | Skirt: Vintage Dolce & Gabbana Mini | Accessories: f.b.c.reations | Tights: Forever 21

Top: Vintage Sequin Jacket | Pants: DVF


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Despy Photoshoot — Behind the Scenes


These behind the scenes shots from the first Despy photoshoot are long over-due! We had a lot of pieces to shoot and it was a looong day, but all went extremely well thanks to the great team we had for the day. Special thanks to the models Juliya Abdullayeva and Izabel Sofia and my excellent make-up and hair stylist Anais Habbar!

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Fall/Winter in Leather


I don’t know about you, but I love me some leather. PETA could probably convince me to go faux fur, but letting go of leather? That would be a tough sell! There’s something about a soft leather purse and pair of shoes that just make me feel that my money was well spent (sorry PETA). Apparently, many designers agree with me and took it a step further this fall/winter with leather in all colors popping up in tops, dresses, pants, jacket etc as pictured below. I channeled this trend with my red pleather (I’m trying!) short shorts from H&M (Paris) paired with a flowey black Theory top.  Shop Despy for vintage leather looks now available for you!

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Despy On Location



My friend and Miami stylist Jonathan Soto directed The Man Underneath photo shoot for the new collection and Despy was on location! The shoot took place on the rooftop terrace of a beautiful Miami Beach Penthouse condo. The setting was beautiful, the weather perfect, and models- not bad! Despy Clothing items pictured below on the female models: vintage lingerie top (pale pink), beaded silk top (bottom).

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Cheap Thrill


I can’t help but notice that much of what we hear and see from the fashion world (Media, TV, Fashion It-Figures etc) gives us the impression that to be fashionable is to spend thousands and if you don’t have the money, you are forever two steps behind the latest fashion trends. I disagree and intend to prove them wrong! Just because we may not be blessed with large wallets doesn’t mean that we can’t be blessed with a great wardrobe and great sense of style. I have never been one to feel comfortable spending large amounts on a single item. Personally, I get my fashion thrills from buying high quality beautiful pieces at fair prices. Despy Clothing is all about facilitating this for others. When you have experienced the thrill of purchasing an amazing item for an even better price through Despy, I will know that I have done my job. :)

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