Fashion News Wrap-Up



  • Lanvin seems to know a thing or two about accessories (ya think). Here is a great detailed slideshow of the beyond gorgeous statement pieces from the latest show in Paris. I want one (any one) so bad it hurts.
  • Renowned interior decorator Jonathan Adler is set to launch a handbag line! These new high-end handbags will be available in April at Jonathan Adler Boutiques Neiman Marcus and ShopBop online. Looking forward to seeing the designs!
  • I love it! The newest nail trend to hit stores. The caviar mani! Soon to be featured on my nails. I also must try this moon/french mani (pictured above). Here is a how-to video.
  • There is no medicine like a good laugh. Here are some 2012 news bloopers for your enjoyment.
  • This week’s best dressed according to I love Jessica Stam’s new dark hair!
  • Despy is all about recycling clothing and ethical shopping. Here is an article on why it should matter to you too! And check out these new ethical shopping brands.
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  • High School Prom dresses now must meet some very specific guidelines! It just takes a few to ruin it for everyone!
  • Did you know about this National Cleavage Day? I guess you can never run out of things to celebrate! Learn more about it here.

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My First Loubies


I recently bought my very first pair of Louboutins! Yes, it’s true, I am the proud owner of the beauties pictured below. And how, might you ask, does a Frugalista like me get away with having a pair of $900 shoes and still be able to proudly hold the title of Frugalista? Well, this is the most exciting part; there is this great little consignment store in Miami that made me it possible for me to pay only $250 for these heels. The store is called The Consignment Bar, located on Biscayne and 74th St. It’s a beautiful little shop filled with gorgeous designer handbags, dresses, clothing, accessories and shoes! The items are all lightly used (but in great condition) making it possible for money-conscious ladies like myself to enjoy these designer gems! I’ve also purchased my Prada bag pictured below and my black Fendi (that I seem to wear every weekend) there, as well. This is a great shop to tell your boyfriends or husbands about when birthdays and holidays roll around! You can also now shop online. If you don’t know, now you know!

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Louboutin Appearance in Miami


Mr Christian Louboutin himself had quite the soiree last night at the Saks Fifth Avenue in Miami’s Bal Harbour Shops. The event was a celebration and shoe signing of his new “Capsule Collection” made especially for his 20 year anniversary in the biz. I loved how they incorporated a Miami touch to the event with complimentary Mojitos, Cuban sandwiches, Ceviche bites and live Latin music.  We got a sneak peek at the ‘Capsule Collection’ (available to all in March) which included signature shoes as well as handbags – in the shape of an actual capsule. It goes without saying that they were all stunning. My favorite shoes were the ones pictures below with the invisible straps and little dainty bows. It is his ingenuity that makes this man a fashion genius!

Dress: Rachel Pally | Top: Nanette Lepore |Hat: Vintage | Shoes: Sam Edelman | Purse: Hobo


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H&M’s 2012 Summer Lookbook


The new H&M 2012 Summer Lookbook is out! Lookbooks are a great references for upcoming trends and styling ideas; and who doesn’t love H&M? It looks like this Summer Collection is very vintage inspired (looove that) and I’m really into the deep purple with soft pink color combo they’re featuring in a few looks.

To my fellow Miami residents: Our very own H&M is coming soon and set to open in the Fall of 2012! The store will be located on Lincoln Rd. where the New Wold Symphony used to be housed, and will feature 22,000 sq feet and 2 floors full of H&M goodness. Could be dangerous.



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Rent the Runway


If you’re like me, you’ve fantasized about having a friend your exact size and shape, with killer style and a closet full of beautiful designer dresses up for the taking. Well, fantasize no more! This may be a concept most of us have heard about… think Jennifer Hudson in Sex and the City 2 renting her designer handbags in lieu of dishing out thousands from her personal assistant wage… now translate that into designer dresses… And that is our new stylish best friend Rent the Runway. The website has hundreds of designer dresses to choose from for a special occasion, vacation, or event. It all seems simple enough: You choose your dress; they ship 2 sizes of the dress to your home within 2 days; you can keep it 4-8 days and then return it in prepaid packaging. The price range is from $50- $500+. And did I mention that they rent bridesmaid dresses?! I mean really, who has worn their bridesmaid dresses twice? If only I’d known this last year…

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Art + Fashion = <3


As it comes to a close, it’s safe to say this weekend was a great one. Delicious dinners, BBQ at the park, Art Walk, Deco Art Festival and concluded it all with a fantastic facial! One of the highlights was my Saturday evening at the monthly Wynwood Art Walk. While browsing the galleries and munching on truck food delicacies, we went into this art meets fashion boutique called Haus Fashion (2527 NW 2nd Ave, Miami, FL 33127). I was drooling over their new vintage corner filled with some beeeautiful vintage pieces stocked by none other than one of the Sex and the City stylists. I live for discovering local vintage gems like these!

On my outfit: I purchased this cropped pea coat at Anthropologie for a crazy discount (paid $40, original cost was $200) and have been wearing it like crazy this Miami winter. I love to dress it up with my lovely vintage fur collar. The pants I wore are one of my 2011-steals-of-the-year. They’re Alexander McQueen wool trousers purchased at none other than TJ Maxx (I paid $90, original price $800+)!

Top: French Connection | Jacket: Anthropologie | Pants: Alexander McQueen | Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell | Purse: Vintage Coach

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Tips for Successful Bargain Shopping


My name is Daniella and I am a bargain shop-a-holic. The feeling I get when I purchase a beautiful piece at a fraction of its original cost is my drug! Bargain shopping can be challenging and intimidating, but the rewards can be great! Being a vet in the bargain shopping game, I thought I would share some tips that I’ve learned along the way.

(Image cred:

1)            It’s all about WHERE you shop

This is an obvious, but very important point. If you shop at Saks and Neimen Marcus, expect to pay full (or close) for you purchase.

The places I find to have the best markdowns are TJ Maxx (quite possibly my fave) and Loehmann’s. Other great stores are the outlet versions of the top department stores like Off 5th- Saks Outlet, Neimen Marcus Last Call, Nordstrom Rack (the best for SHOES), and the newer Bloomingdale’s Outlet.

An important word on TJ Maxx (and other such discount stores); explore several stores in your area as they are not all created equal! I have a couple favorites that tend to carry better products and higher-end brands.  For example, the best TJ Maxx stores are in South Beach (5th and Alton Rd) and North Miami Beach (3809 NE 163rd St)

2)  Give it Time

Bargain shopping can be frustrating when you are looking for a specific item. Give it time. If you are looking for a great pair of jeans and you don’t find them the first time, don’t settle for something mediocre, return once weekly for the next few weeks until you find a purchase you feel great about. Discount stores are getting new items daily, if you keep at it, you are sure to find what you want.  Remember quality always comes first and persistence is key!


     3)  Beat the Crowd

I find that shopping before the weekend is when I find the best items. Most people shop Friday, Saturday and Sunday. My favorite shopping day is Thursday. By this time, the store has been filled with goodies throughout week and you are beating the weekenders to the good stuff!



4)  Accessorize

If your closet is in need of revamping, but your wallet doesn’t agree, update your accessories! Accessories can be a cheaper alternative to updating your look. A nice belt and a few chunky necklaces can take you a long way!



5)  Shop Despy!

*Leave the bargain shopping to the experts, while still reaping the rewards by shopping Despy !

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Furry Fresh


I drove to Orlando last weekend and arrived just in time to meet a serious cold front (serious meaning it got into the high 50s- 60s). I was a bit unprepared since its been in the 80s and even 90s here in Miami throughout the week. Luckily I took a purple Tibi New York cropped fall jacket I recently purchased. I bought it on a super sale paying $45 when it was originally priced over $300! Steal! I paired it with a fox fur neck collar that I recenlty thrifted. These vintage pieces are a fabulous way to glamorize and revamp any light jackets or sweaters for the upcoming chilly months!

Silver Studded Skirt: Thrifted |  Sweater: H&M | Jacket: Tibi  |  Neck Fur Collar: Thirfted  |  Shoes: Charles Jourdan


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Sassy Sample Sale


One of the highlights of my week was attending the annual Sassy City Chicks Sample Sale held here in Miami Design District at the Moore building on Thursday (Oct 6th, 2011). It was basically a big ole girl shopping extravaganza. They charged $10 for general entry and $30 for VIP entry (free cocktails included and a gift bag). The building was a great venue; very ‘design-district-architectural-all white-everything’. There were three floors of pop-up shops of local boutiques and other female-geared merchants (jewelery, salons, local hand-crafted items etc) from all over the city. The event is supposed to feature sample sale prices, but I found that there many regularly priced items; overall prices ranged from $20 to $300+. I found out about it a bit late so I only had about 2 hours to spend there and it really wasn’t enough time! Nonetheless, I found a pair of bright orange/coral colored skinny jeans (from a local vendor – $68) and a super cute floral print dress (from a local boutique- $30 originally priced at $125!). Highlights: I thought this was a great one-stop-shop kinda-way to get to know the multitude of local boutiques that Miami has to offer.  Downfalls: It got a bit crowded and it became difficult to browse since the pop-up shops are only so big (get there early). Overall: I recommend checking it out! This was my first time going to this event and I would definitely round up some girls and go again next year (check out the website for events in other cities).


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Pointy Shoe Saver


For all of us pointy shoe lovers, this is a clever business I came across that’s worth checking out. It is a small business (support small businesses!) started by a South Florida local. It’s an insert for shoes meant to keep the tips of our favorite pointy shoes in tip top shape! Cost: $14.99.

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Fashion Hunters


My guilty pleasure? Bravo TV reality shows. While watching Millionaire Matchmaker over the weekend, (Patty, you so crazy!), I caught a glimpse of my new favorite-to-be Bravo reality show…. Fashion Hunters. This is a new reality show based out of a New York consignment shop and all the drama that surrounds them. Really?! A show about the thing most near and dear to my heart? Sign me up! Premiere is tomorrow October 4th at 10:30. I hope they don’t disappoint!

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Cheap Thrill


I can’t help but notice that much of what we hear and see from the fashion world (Media, TV, Fashion It-Figures etc) gives us the impression that to be fashionable is to spend thousands and if you don’t have the money, you are forever two steps behind the latest fashion trends. I disagree and intend to prove them wrong! Just because we may not be blessed with large wallets doesn’t mean that we can’t be blessed with a great wardrobe and great sense of style. I have never been one to feel comfortable spending large amounts on a single item. Personally, I get my fashion thrills from buying high quality beautiful pieces at fair prices. Despy Clothing is all about facilitating this for others. When you have experienced the thrill of purchasing an amazing item for an even better price through Despy, I will know that I have done my job. :)

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