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Going into any kind of discount store can be a daunting and intimidating task; large thrift stores and vintage shops included. Being a seasoned discount and vintage shopper, I am happy to share of my tricks of the trade. Here, I will focus on specific items in thrift and vintage stores to keep a look-out for as they are usually the best “finds” and value-wise you’ll get the most bang for your buck.


Vintage Tops

When in thrift stores that are overstuffed with all kinds of goodies (and not-so-goodies), good tops can be one of the toughest things to find. They are usually wedged in between a whole lotta garbage.

One tip is to feel through all of the tops. Use your sense of touch! You may not be able to see all the items, and instead may be able to feel that vintage silk blouse or soft vintage angora tank sweater crammed in between all that polyester (not that I’m against all polyester!).


Vintage Dresses

Another definite vintage goody are vintage dresses! There are always amazing vintage silk dresses up for the grab in thrift stores. One thing to look out for are STAINS! Sometimes in these poorly lit shops you wont notice a small grease stain until you arrive at your home and its, too late (no refunds at these store)! I have found some great dresses that I’ve purchased even with stains, only to find out that my cleaner can’t remove these age-old stains most of the time :( .

Another important tip when looking and purchasing vintage dresses is to try them on before purchasing them. Vintage molds and cuts are quite different from modern day molds so it is important to try on before purchasing. I frequent some mega thrift stores that do not have fitting rooms so I go in my leggings and tight shirt uniform and try on in front of whatever mirror I can find!



Vintage Shoes


Although these are pretty tough to find, finding adorable vintage pumps and shoes always gives me an extra thrill. They are tougher to find, because vintage shoes in good condition that are good quality are just fewer and farther between. On top of that, you have to hope and pray the pair you find will fit your foot. It’s not a hopeless task though. There are plenty of beautiful italian leather pumps out there for the taking. Just have patience and return often for a looksy around.


Vintage Purses

Vintage purses are an easier find to keep an eye out for.The best ones to look out for are beaded evening handbags or leather clutches since these are usually in better condition being that they are more gently used.

Vintage purses are a perfect items to add a little pop and vintage feel to an otherwise contemporary look.



Other Accessories


When I’m having a thrifting off-day (not finding any vintage apparel), I go for an accessory search. Thrift stores are a great place to score furs. I have purchased at least 4 different amazing vintage fur coats all well below $30 each. My most recent fave fur find was this gorgeous classic mink stole that I am dying to wear in the upcoming Autum/Winter months. I also wear my fox fur collar religiously with just about any sweater and coat in the cool months.

Not into fur? Other great vintage store accessories you’re sure to find: silk scarves, wool coats, and HATS! I’m in the middle of a hat obsession at the moment so I am always on the lookout for hats and have found so many amazing HIGH QUALITY vintage wool and beach hats recently. New, good quality hats nowadays are costing a pretty penny so put your thrifting skills to work!


Also Remember

AND of course last, but not least, my BIGGEST TIP when it comes to vintage and thrift shopping is SHOP DESPY!

Let me do the dirty work for you. Just sit back, kick your feet up and visit the website often for guaranteed great vintage finds at amazing prices. :) )


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My Vintage Find of the Week


I wanted to share my latest greatest vintage find. How cute are these pink vintage pumps? And the artsy diamond on top is just the icing on the pink pump cake! Just have to take them to get heel caps put on, but other than that, these italian leather vintage beauties are in great shape!


What has been your best vintage find of late??

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While strolling around the International Fashion Week exhibition lobby a couple weeks ago, I was stopped in my tracks when I came across this particular booth. Being the Vintage enthusiast that I am, I was immediately drawn to these vintage inspired hand-beaded evening handbags (not to mention that the sparkle beaming from them was hypnotizing!). Canadian native and resident Jacqui Uza is the creator/designer/owner of BOKO (Bead One Knit One) and incredibly designs, crochets and hand-beads these breathtaking purses all herself. The bags are vintage inspired ranging in style, color and era. These intricate, hand-made beauties can be customized so they are perfect for weddings and special events and will no doubt become your newest family heirloom. Can you say worth every penny?!? Purchase them on Etsy here ( or email Jacqui at for more information. With over 30 designs to choose from, good luck picking just one!

Style and Era (below): Designer’s creation, 1920′s inspired


Style and Era: “Danube” from the late 1920′s (think flapper fringe dresses style translated into the purses)

Style: Art Deco

Style and Era: “Glamour” from the Victorian Era

Style and Era: “Titanic” from the early 1900′s (before metal frames came about)

Style: “Glamour”

Style and Era: “Glamour” from the Victorian Era

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I enjoyed my lazy Sunday evening watching the SAG Awards Red Carpet show last night. As usual, there were some beautiful gowns, accessories, hair, make-up, shoes, clutches etc. It made me want to dress up and go to a Black-Tie Event like NOW. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt closed off the show (fashionably late) and my curiosity was peeked by Angelina’s jewelry (as well as her beyond gorgeous everything else). She commented that she has always loved vintage jewelry, which inspired her to wear her House of Lavande vintage earrings and bracelet. I went online to check them out and it turns out the company originated in Palm Beach, FL. They search worldwide and curate vintage jewelry from the 1920’s and beyond. They have magnificent vintage jewelry. It’s a great place to go for inspiration (for those of us who can’t quite afford $2,000 vintage Lanvin necklaces and such). The magic about vintage is that there is such romanticism about it. Knowing that you are wearing something with a special history, something one-of-a-kind, and irreplaceable dramatically increases its appeal and value. And that, my friends, is why vintage will always be in style!

Gown: Jenny Packham | Jewely: vintage from House of Lavande


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